Places to Visit in Aizawl Mizoram

  • Durtlang Hills Located in the northern side of Aizawl, these hills offer panoramic view of the city. Tourists can trek through on this hill top and enjoy the mesmerising view of the city from there.
  • Mizoram State Museum Established in 1977, Mizoram State Museum is the hub of cultural and traditional artefacts from ancient times of Mizoram. Located in the centre of the city, it houses some of the very rare and ancient items from tribes that inhabited in Mizoram, to which an entire gallery is dedicated. Mizoram State Museum prominently promotes and displays the textiles from the tribal communities of Mizoram. The museum is open from 9 in the morning to 4 in the evening on week days and from 9 in the morning to 1 in the evening on Saturdays.
  • Located on a hill named Bethlehem Vengthalang, this zoo houses some of the rare wildlife animals, birds and some of the rarest species of Asia. It also houses the endangered sun bear which is the prime tourist attraction of this place and is very rarely found elsewhere.
  • Situated 7 kms from the main city, Luagmul Handicrafts Centre is the famous handicraft centre of North East where the waterproof hats are made using waterproof wild hnahthial leaves. These leaves are exclusive to hilly terrains and were formerly used by tries in Mizoram to develop the waterproof hats. This museum has other handicraft items too unique to Mizoram’s culture.
  • Located 7 kms from the city, this tourist complex hosts several cultural activities and fairs throughout the year. It also serves as a tourist lodge during peak tourist season and houses all facilities for the convenience of the tourist. It is also a famous picnic spot.
  • This tourist resort is located 45 kms from the south of Aizawl, and is one of the famous trekking places in Mizoram. Surrounded by the forests on all sides, this resort has a very pleasant weather and is equipped with all facilities for a tourist.
  • Cultural Sub Centre Located in the north of the Aizawl, Cultural sub centre is sert up on a beautiful hill top and is a good retreat centre for tourists. Tourists can easily find commutation facilities to this place from any part of the city.

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