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Mount Climbing in Aru

Enthusiastic adventure sport lovers should take prior permission from Indian Mountaineering Foundation so that then no one stops you from enjoying your favourite activity. It is a popular activity of adventure tourism in Kashmir. If you are an adventure sports enthusiast and love exploring nature then Pahalgam is the place for you. There are numerous mountainous peaks and ranges in Himalaya towering from 10,000 to 28,000 feet from above sea level and thus the valley offers huge opportunities of mountaineering in Pahalgam.  The lofty peaks of Himalayas in Pahalgam not only attract mountaineers from the country but also from abroad.
Pahalgam is usually the starting point of some of the best Mountaineering routes in the Himalayas. Mountaineering to Kolahai Glacier is a dream come true – and their are potential routes to across the ranges to Sonamarg and even Ladakh for the brave. Besides, there are many day treks originating in Pahalgam which work best for the novices, like hiking to Basisaran or to Chunasar and Mansar lakes, or not to forget towards Sheshnag or all the way to the world famous Amarnath Cave.
Though there are many avenues, we are giving you one which is very famous.
1.    Kolahoi Glacier
Kolohoi Glacier, which is situated up the Lidder Valley, just below the Kolhoi Peakis currently a hanging glacier which everyone wants to try out. It is accessible from Pahalgam via Aruand extends for at least 35 kilometres.
Some Useful tips
1.    Ensure your climbing gear & tools are in perfect working condition. Any looseness and you may lose your limb, so be careful in assessing.
2.    Ensure your backpack contains only items you need while climbing. Leave everything at your camp. Even a very small kerchief can weigh you down.
3.    Carry an extra water bottle, which will be over and above the prescribed quantity.
4.    Extra Sun cap as heat can destabilize you quickly. Also ensure, the flap does not obstruct your view when you look up.

Other Useful Tips
1.    Climbing should always be done with an extra man to whom you can maintain eye contact.
2.    Never overestimate your skills and always choose a target safely.
3.    Arrange all your items in your backpack for adequate balance.
4.    Acclimatize for a few days, at every altitude. Oxygen levels get depleted at every climb and it could prove fatal neglecting this fact.
5.    Climbing should always be done in teams. Team members often encourage and keep the energy levels high.

Basic Mountaineering Course
The Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, which comes under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Defense, as a result the fee structure of all its courses are subsidised by the Government of India. The institute offers many different courses for different durations.

Basic Duration is from 28 – 30 days
How to apply

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