Places to Visit in Bandipur Pokhara

  • It was a former parade ground for Gurkhas serving with the British Army. At dawn and sunset, the clouds peel back to reveal a stunning view of the Himalayan peaks that include Langtang Lirung (7246m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Manaslu (8162m), Machhapuchhare (6997m) and Ganesh Himal (7406m). At the start of the Tundikhel are five enormous fig trees. In Nepali mythology, the different types of fig are symbols of different Hindu gods.
  • It is a popular half-day trip.Siddha Gufa (437m deep and 50m high) is said to be the largest cave in Nepal. Its cathedral-like cave is full of twisted stalactites and stalagmites and hundreds of bats. Guides and flashlights are available for hire. It is a half hour trek to reach here.
  • Perched atop Gurungche Hill, the place offers breathtaking sunrise views. On clear mornings it has some of the most memorable 360-degree vistas in the country, with the Himalayas stretching out along the horizon, while the valley beneath is covered in a thick fog that looks like a white lake.
  • A wide flight of stone steps leads up the hillside to this barn-like temple, which enshrines the sword of Mukunda Sen, the 16th-century king of Palpa (Tansen). Supposedly a gift from Lord Shiva, the blade is revered as a symbol of Shakti (female energy) and once a year during Dasain it gets a taste of sacrificial blood.
  • At the northeast end of the bazaar this ornate, two-tiered temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Its ancient walls are covered in carvings. Facing the temple across the square is the Padma library, a beautiful 18th-century building with carved windows and beams.
  • Although a slightly offbeat choice, it is an experience to visit the Silkworm Farm.It takes you through the fascinating process of how silk is produced. The farm comprises of orchards of mulberry plants, which are grown for worm food – the worms themselves are reared indoors, usually from August to December and March to May, but it can be visited anytime.

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