Hanuman Dhoka Museum

Hanuman Dhoka Museum Basantapur

About Hanuman Dhoka Museum

It celebrates King Tribhuwan and his successful revolt against the Rana regime, along with memorials to King Mahendra and Birendra. There is a stone inscription installed by King Pratap Malla in 1664, written to goddess Kalika in 15 languages, including 1 French word. According to the local legend, milk will flow from the spout in the middle, should anyone be able to read all the 15 languages inscribed there. Also, according to another legend the Kala (black) Bhaandirab statue with six arms and a terrifying face looking towards the north, next to Jagannath Temple, was said to have been brought by Pratap Malla from the Nagarjuna forest area. It was believed that if people stood in front of this image and told lies, they would vomit blood and bring upon them an instant death.

Location of Hanuman Dhoka Museum

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