Skiing in Chail

During winters, skiing is possible at Narkanda. Peak skiing season is usually between January and February, when the slopes are well-covered with snow.

Hotel Hatu organizes skiing packages at Narkanda which is a prime location for winter sports near Chail.

Different packages for tourists which includes full boarding & lodging and free skiing lessons.

Rs 4,995/- per person for a week on twin sharing basis.
Rs 2,120/- per person for 3 days on twin sharing basis.

The week long package usually commences from 10th January to March.

(Note: The charges do not include to & fro transport from Narkanda)

Qualified instructors trained by the Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports are available for imparting training in skiing. Imported ski-equipment like skies fitted with safety binding helps tourists to get the best experience.

Tips for Good Skiing Experience
Though anyone can opt for skiing, physical strength plays a big role in good skiing experience. Once visitors join the skiing course, it makes no sense to spare time for exercising. Hence it is recommended that for a few weeks before joining this course skiing enthusiasts should exercise to tone up the required muscles.

Some suggested exercises are given below.
1.  Jogging
2.  Sky Jumps 50 to 100
3.  Abdominal Exercises.
4.  Deep Breathing Exercises.
5.  Light yoga exercise for getting some flexibility.

Do's & Don'ts when arriving at Narkanda for Skiing
1.    Though basic medical facilities are available in the Government dispensaries at Narkanda it is advisable to bring your personal details like blood group so that in case of any need, precious time is saved.
2.    I you are on prescription medicines, please have them with you along with the prescription.
3.    It is advisable to bring along some over the counter medicines like those for sprain, headache, cold and pain balm, foot powder etc.

A Note on Risks in Skiing
Though the equipment and gear for skiing is modern, there is still a chance of injury while training and thereafter. Tourists should understand this before and insure themselves before joining in because HPTDC does not take any responsibility in any mishap that may occur.
All participants below 21 years of age, will have to get permission from their parents/guardians before enrolling for skiing training etc.

Recommended Items for Safe Skiing Experience
All participants should bring the following articles with them:
1.    Gum boots/snow boots, boots for walking on snow.
2.    mountain jersey,
3.    Pocket torch with cells.
4.    Woollen/leather hand gloves.
5.    Wollen clothing cap, Including woollen socks etc.
6.    Wind proof jacket or windcheater or padded jacket.
7.    Dark glasses.

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