trekking in Dharamkot

1. The Birdwatchers'Trek
This most popular trek towards the Triund Hill is often talked and discussed about inDharamkot. The local Gaddis use this route used for migration and trekking on it is just like a cake walk. The route is so beautiful and encompasses forests and flowery meadows that the trek finishes even before trekkers realize. The snowy peaks of Dhauladhar range keeps peeping in-between changing the views. Further up, there is the Galu Devi Temple which serves as a small time resting point.
This trek is also recommended for avid bird watchers as numerous species like Himalayan Snowcock, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Long-tailed Shrike can be spotted easily. The sheer number of birds you get to see here forced all trekkers to name it as the Birdwatcher's Trek.

Towards the end of this trek it leads to the well-known Laka Glacier and when the trekkers continue further, they reach to the wind-swept Indrahara Pass that connects the Chamba and Kangra valleys. Though the overall distance is just over 7 km it takes around three to four hours minimum to complete the long and winding trek.

2. Kareri Lake Trek
Trekkers first need to reach Ghera, which is a whopping twenty km away from Dharamshala. Then trekkers proceed further, a 3 km trek from Ghera brings them to Kareri's Gaddi Settlement. The beautiful Kareri Lake lies a neat 13 km ahead. The views of this trek are so mesmerizing and awe-inspiring, everyone who has gone through this recommends to avoid the motorable road which starts from Ghera and take the Gaddi Trails along the mountainside.

This route is often talked about in trekking meets. Obviously, it is such that it not only mesmerizes the beauty also changes after every a couple of hundred meters. This trail is interspersed with oak forest, pine and rhododendron jungles and green meadows. Many wild flowers have the unusual blooming time and then they contrast with the Himalayan Cobra lilies, which are common here. Birds like the Asian Paradise Flycatcher and various others can also be spotted here in abundance.

3. The Bhagsu Nag Trek
Trekkers have a great liking for this trek and it is so commonly attempted that the track is always full with enthusiasts. The beautifully maintained ancient and famous Shiva temple stands just 2 km above McLeodganj in the Gaddi Village of Bhagsu. The trek is not long and even beginners complete it within no time but scenic enough which also has a small swimming pool but is jam packed with tourists all through the day. A beautiful and awe-inspiring waterfall awaits just over 1 km away and trekkers are keen to visit but the track is slippery and mossy. It easily takes over  an hour to reach here.

4. The Photographer's Delight Trek - Guna Devi Temple
Termed as great for photographers, this trek is very special as it runs through some of the most beautiful landscapes. Once here, trekkers find many people trying to shoot from different angles for varied compositions. After starting from McLeodganj, the trail passes the Dal Lake before climbing to the charming Tibetan Children Village and Naddi village respectively. If you are a trekker and an avid photographer, you should try this trek at least once.

Trekkers get some relief because the gradual descent from here will bring you to the Bhated River. After resting for a while, you can start your steep climb to Balgaon from where the trail bifurcates with one branch goes towards Kareri Village and the other turns backwards to Dharamkot. The temple is a little further away and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. Ardent devotees make it a point of visiting this temple.

5. Indru Nag Trek
This mild intensity trek reaches Chola Village which stands tall at 2,000m and from where you can peep down for mesmerizing views. This village is unique because it is dedicated either to the God of Snakes or God of Rains. This height is enough to get enchanting views of almost everything you can think of, including the jungles, the sunset and also the waters of the Pong Dam River which lights up in the evening dark sun. Just look around and panoramic views of Dharamshala and the Kangra valley can be enjoyed from here.

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