Best Time to Visit Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit Dharamshala

It can be visited all year around.

Dharamsala is all year round destination for tourists. Hill stations are a haven in summers but for romantic couples the rainy season is perfect reason to roam in misty environs. It snows occasionally in winters making it more charming. It depends what you are looking for and choose your time period.

Winters here are extremely cold accompanied with occasional snowfalls; however, this downpour makes the valley look much more beautiful. Summers are pleasant with maximum temperature around 25 degrees. Monsoons could be given a miss as it might hamper your travel plans, but this place does not receive very heavy rainfall unlike other parts of Himachal and Uttarakhand.

From April to June the summers have a short journey. The temperature in summers range between 20 and 35 degrees normally. This weather remains pleasant throughout and hence, it is a good time to enjoy sightseeing and various treks in the Himalayas. Even the nights are pretty comfy and people are seen enjoying the surroundings. Cotton clothes do the trick and rarely you even need full sleeved ones.

The monsoon sets in from July and stays till September end. The temperature fluctuates from 18 to 22 degrees and sometimes dips a bit too. Though Dharamsala does not get bountiful rains, landslides do occur blocking many inroads. Rains also shut down the trekking routes. But couples who still roam around for some romantic environs make it a point to arrive here with proper gear like raincoats. When the hovering clouds play hide and seek, the skies appear like an open kaleidoscope. It rains on one place and not on the other and this mesmerizes its audience. This mist then fills the horizon and romantic mood spreads all over pleasing all those present.

Winters set in October and continue till March and are the best times to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of Dharamshala. The mercury dips till about 2-3 degrees in the region and chills everything that comes in its way. Snowfall begins from the end of December and continues until mid-February. This sheet of snow imparts a beautiful white colour and Dharamsala simply bathes in its newly found snow blanket. Heavy woolens are a must for winters and sun goggles when you venture in the snow.

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