Best Time to Visit Gulmarg Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time to Visit Gulmarg

All through the year Gulmarg is inviting, especially true in winters. Depending on what you are looking for, you can plan your trip.

Kashmir, the Paradise on Earth, excels other destinations all through the year. Though the best times to visit can be divided into three distinct seasons namely, Summer, Monsoon and Winters, the rest of the year also springs many surprises not witnessed by many.

The summer season ranges from March till mid June. The real Gulmarg with most flowers blooming now justify the name “Meadow of Flowers.” Apt for all types of adventure sports because the maximum temperatures rarely cross 29 degrees. Even the lowest seldom dive below 13 and tourists can enjoy the comfortable climes. The leftover snow amuses many especially at very high altitudes. This is one of the busiest seasons this hill station observes.

Next is the Monsoon season which settles in July and lasts till mid-September. The period receives moderate rainfall and does not create any major disruption in day-to-day activities. This is the best season to enjoy Adventure Sports in Gulmarg. Couples often make a beeline to visit here because of the mystic environs the rainy clouds create. Many hotels offer attractive discounts to lure the casual tourists. This period is an off-season in tourism lingo but rarely does it go empty.

The Snowy season usually starts from November and lasts till February-March. The temperatures range from -4 to 11 degrees and despite the freezing climes, you won’t find a single soul complaining. Most skiing and skating enthusiasts arrive in big numbers and is termed as the 2nd most busy season. Many of the tourists’ line up the hills to watch the snowboarders in action and come here equipped with their best cameras to capture the moments.

Honeymooners and “just-got-the-leave” tourists benefit from those in-between days and months of the above specific seasons. They get to see the best of the ending season and the beginning of the next season beauties. This happens because no season stops abruptly or starts on any particular date.

Ironically, they get to capture some unseen vistas in both text & pics and can happily write home about.

These are short off-seasons and the tourists benefit from very low package deals and discounts on almost everything they can lay their hands on.

All through the year Gulmarg is inviting, especially true in winters. Depending on what you are looking for, you can plan your trip.

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