Skiing in Gulmarg

Gulmarg enjoys a picturesque location and its incomparable ski slopes. If you want to ski in Gulmarg,

There are two things you can start with; One is Kongdori and the other is Aphrawat Peak.

450m upstream prepared naturally offers an exhilarating skiing experience for skiers in Kongdori, while Aparwahat Ridge is a fall at 800 m apparently offered once in a lifetime experience.

The steep terrain snow is strictly reserved for experts or advanced skiers and for beginners is ideal for skiing in the Kongdori test.

Another Gulmarg attraction is the gondola or cable car, which is the largest cable project has two main Asian

Stop in one and the other in Kongdori pic Apparwat. Therefore, for a great skiing experience, you can opt for Gulmarg cable car and ski down to beautiful slopes.

How to Reach Gulmarg

By Air
Gulmarg boasts of its Sheikh-Ul-Alam International Airport at Srinagar, which is just 56 kilometers away. All major cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Amritsar have direct flights to Jammu and the fares are easy on the pocket. Tourists can hire either cabs or local taxis.

If you are a couple, try hiring a shared taxi for much less price. Negotiate before you settle down as some operators become noisy when arriving at your destination.

By Rail
Nearest railhead is Jammu/Udhampur i.e. 180/242 kilometers respectively. Jammu being the oldest among the two has maximum trains whereas Udhampur is getting the newly introduced trains. Some of the trains departing from Udhampur to Delhi are: Himsagar express that touches the farthest station Trivandrum, Andaman express, Uttar Sampark Kranti express etc.

Local taxis and cabs are available at both stations for various destinations in the valley. If travelling in a group you can also hire mini buses. We advise to negotiate beforehand and never turn to other operator midway, as noisy scenes are reported. Couples and small families can try hiring a shared taxi and you can save much money travelling.

By Road
Gulmarg is well connected with all cities within Kashmir. State run buses / private luxury buses / taxis / cabs are available. It is 57 kilometers from Srinagar and it takes around 2 hours due to the high altitude snake bends consuming most time at hills.

Buses / taxis / cabs are also available from Udhampur and Jammu. The buses are rickety and not so comfortable and take maximum time to reach. The cabs may charge more but drop you quickly and offer convenience of stopping anywhere en route to click pictures and easing out.

Special Tip

If you can wait for a few minutes, even rigid cab owners give in to charging per person. This benefits all individual passengers and couples because booking a full cab means paying manifold.

Driving Own Vehicle

If you are travelling on own vehicle we recommend you to change your tyres with those that can handle roads in this region. It can make a huge difference in costing and budget travelers should consider another mode of travel.

Best Time to Skiing in Gulmarg

All through the year Gulmarg is inviting, especially true in winters. Depending on what you are looking for, you can plan your trip.

Next is the Monsoon season which settles in July and lasts till mid-September. The period receives moderate rainfall and does not create any major disruption in day-to-day activities. This is the best season to enjoy Adventure Sports in Gulmarg. Couples often make a beeline to visit here because of the mystic environs the rainy clouds create. Many hotels offer attractive discounts to lure the casual tourists. This period is an off-season in tourism lingo but rarely does it go empty.

The Snowy season usually starts from November and lasts till February-March. The temperatures range from -4 to 11 degrees and despite the freezing climes, you won’t find a single soul complaining. Most skiing and skating enthusiasts arrive in big numbers and is termed as the 2nd most busy season. Many of the tourists’ line up the hills to watch the snowboarders in action and come here equipped with their best cameras to capture the moments.

Honeymooners and “just-got-the-leave” tourists benefit from those in-between days and months of the above specific seasons. They get to see the best of the ending season and the beginning of the next season beauties. This happens because no season stops abruptly or starts on any particular date.

Ironically, they get to capture some unseen vistas in both text & pics and can happily write home about.

These are short off-seasons and the tourists benefit from very low package deals and discounts on almost everything they can lay their hands on.

All through the year Gulmarg is inviting, especially true in winters. Depending on what you are looking for, you can plan your trip.

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