Places to Visit in Ilam Lumbini

  • It is located at an altitude of 1,800 m. Sidhi Thumka offers stunning views of sunrise and sunset. You can also see the Terai flatlands and the Mahabharat range from the area. It can be reached by trekking for about 3 hours from Illam Bazaar.
  • It is located at an altitude of 3,353 m. It is the second highest peak in Illam district. You can find around 11 varieties of rhododendrons, rare herbs/medicinal plants, and endangered wildlife like the musk deer and red panda in this area. The peak is about a 4 hour trek from Illam Bazaar.
  • Gajur Mukhi is an important religious site and lies on the banks of the Deumai Khola - one of the four rivers of Illam. It is a stone tunnel with carved images of Hindu gods and goddesses. It is about 4 hours drive from Illam Bazaar.
  • It is a shrine at the top of Kutidanda and Hanspokhari on the Mechi Highway.Sanu (means smaller) Pathibhara is regarded as the younger sister of the bigger Pathibhara Temple in Taplejung. The hill is covered with forests and offers a great view of the Mount Kanchenjunga, Terai plains and the Mahabharat range.
  • Mai Beni houses the temple of Lord Shiva at the confluence of the Mai Khola and Jogmai Khola. It is situated about 3 kms from Illam Bazaar. Thousands of devotees gather here for a holy dip on the day of Maghe Sankranti.
  • It is an important religious site of the Kiratis in the middle of a forest at the upper part of Ibhang. Mangmalung is the origin of the Kirat religion. It has a number of images of lions, snakes and eagles. There is also a cave which houses the deity - Matrika Kirateswar.
  • Sandakpur is located at an altitude of 3,636 m on the Nepal-India border to the north of Illam. It is a huge attraction for tourists for the beautiful sunrise and sunset over Mt. Kanchenjunga, and the adjoining peaks of Makalu and Mt. Everest. You can see nearly all parts of Illam district, most parts of the Terai plains, and parts of Siliguri (India) and Darjeeling (India).
  • It is located at an altitude of 2438 m.Mai Pokhari is a famous place of pilgrimage in Illam district.There are about nine ponds in this area some of which are large enough for boats.The place is hoarded with devotees during ‘Harisayam Ekadashi’ when a one-night fair is held.

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