Best Time to Visit Jammu Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time to Visit Jammu

The ideal time starts from late September to early March.

The really best time to visit Jammu is between late September and early March. From mid-March onwards the temperature starts to rise. Real summers in Jammu start from April and stay till June and the temperatures can rise up to 45-48 degrees. Therefore winters and spring are the ideal time to visit. You can also visit Jammu during the famous festivals like Makara Sankranti inJanuary, Ram Navami in March and Diwali in October-November when the whole town does get dressed up like a queen and drenched in the month long festivities.

The summer months are real hot with scorching heat all around with the mercury crossing 45 degrees. Jammu and nearby areas are comparatively less preferred to visit. However, if you can withstand the heat and wish to avoid touristy crowds and congestion, you can visit during this time. The less clothes the better and cottons are always preferred. However it is recommended to keep your head covered using a cloth or a hat.

Monsoon showers in months July to September are quite favourable to this geography of Jammu. This is one of the best times to visit Jammu. The showers bring lush green scenic landscapes to the fore and transform the valleys. If you are a rain lover ensure you have proper gear like raincoats and then you can easily roam around. The maximum temperatures hover around 32-38 degrees and the minimums around 22-26. Light cottons are the preferred clothes for the tourists.

Winters in Jammu from October to March are the perfect season to visit this paradise. The snow covered mountains in the backdrop and lush landscape add to the beauty of the place. Heavy woolens are preferred in winters and when strong surface winds appear, mufflers and other face covering clothes should also be used. Many a time the minimum temperatures kiss the sub-zero temperatures whereas maximum may also stoop a low at 16 degrees.

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