Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari in Jim-corbett-national-park

Jim Corbett sanctuary is famous for variety of rare flora, wild animals, reptiles and birds species. It is a different world altogether housing a record number of 488 different species of plants and 580 birds type. In addition, a plethora of 25 reptile species and 50 species of mammals are reasons enough to go deep into this wonderland.

There are different types of vehicles available for venturing deep within this sanctuary. They are:
1.    Jeep Safari
2.    Elephant Safari, and
3.    Canter Safari

Jeep Safari
Jeep safari is the best way explore the wildlife of Jim Corbett national park. Tourist can book online any of the safari and accommodation within six different zones of The Corbett tiger reserve namely
1.    Bijrani,
2.    Jhirna,
3.    Dhikala,
4.    Dhela, and
5.    Durgadevi.

Statutory Procedures
Everything at Jim Corbett is managed by Forest Department and all tourists have to abide by their rules and guidelines.

The price includes Jeep, Driver, Permit, Guide Charges and Service Charge.

Jeep Safari Booking Canter Safari Booking
Price (Indian)     INR 4,200 / Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep )
Price (Foreigner)     INR 8,000 / Jeep ( Maximum 6 Persons are allowed in ONE Jeep )
Zones     Bijrani / Jhirna / Dhela / Durgadevi or Sitabani

Morning 5:45 AM – 9:15AM
Evening 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM

Elephant Safari
For those adventurers who want a close and invigorating look of animals in their natural environments then the elephant safari is the best choice. Many of the photographers opt for this and ultimately feel very glad.

It is best as most vehicles just cannot enter deep ravines and here elephant safari is the ideal one. Also when moving under trees, it is often a unique experience to touch the trees and feel their uniqueness.

One can book Elephant safari from Bijrani & Dhikala.
Timings for elephant safari
From 6:00-8:00 (Morning)
From 3:00-5:00 (Evening)
Zones for Elephant Safari
Bijrani and Dhikala

Canter safari
Sometimes enjoying is possible in a big group and a Canter can easily accommodate around 16 persons in one go. The chitchat and combined expressions make this type of a safari a memorable one. A canter is the vehicle that can offer tourists a safe and adrenaline-charged exploration of Corbett.

Canters can be hired from Ramnagar.

Timings for canter safari
From 5:30-12:30 (Morning)
From 12:30-6:00 (Evening)
From 6:30-11:30 (Morning)
From 11:30-4:30 (Evening)

Zone for Canter Safari

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