trekking in Kufri

Along with skiing, Kufri is also famous for its trekking and hiking trails. During  winters, Kufri adventure lovers arrive here for best skiing and Tobogganingexperience.

Starting from Kufri, you can trek down to these glorious places:

1. The Himalayan Nature Park
This oft visited Himalayan Nature Park sprawls over 90 hectares and has an immensely wide range of Himalayan flora and fauna. The advantageous location this park has enables it to have a fantastic view of the entire snow-capped Himalayan range. Tourists usually go for guided or independent treks in this park and sing songs of its many vistas.

2. Mahasu Peak

The highest peak Mahasu Peak in Kufri from where one can witness the breath-taking views from the top. Many adventure lovers like to trek through the dense deodar forests before reaching here at this peak.

3. Fagu
Good for trekking in summers and ideal for skiing in winters, Fagu provides ideal locations for both. It is located between two valleys and enclosed by apple orchards. Enthusiastic trekkers usually also do the 3 km long trek till Chharabra.

4. Chail
Just an hour's drive from Kufri and you reach Chail, known as a walker's paradise as dozens of trekking routes leave out from Chail. On your way, you will find beautiful view of oak and pine forests. Some of them lead to Choor Peak, Shimla and other Himalayan areas.

5. Kuppar Bughyal: Valley of Forests Trek
Pabbar Valley is one of the delightful and interesting trekking option in Shimla District. The entire stretch is dotted with deodar, coniferous and deciduous forests and natural beauty overflows. The Kuppar Peak trek is an 18-km trek from Khada Pathar to the top, one way, and back. Once you reach the top, just one glance down to see the entire view of the mesmerizing of Pabbar Valley and other Himalayan peaks from Kinnaur to Chanshal Valley.

This is catching fast amongst the locals & tourists alike. The locals earn some good money and the tourists get adrenalin rushing in the thrilling ride. Lots of local people come up from surrounding villages to pull tourists on their hand-crafted sleds.

It looks like a lot of fun to ride down the small hills on the Golf course or the hill. It is a great way to help the locals earn some handsome money and you getting a wide grin, from ear to ear! In winters, it is sledging whereas in other seasons, wheels are attached to the hand-crafted sleds and people relish the high-speed wheeling down experience.

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