Best Time to Visit Kullu Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit Kullu

Kullu has an altitude of 4,183 feet and it is not so high to get snow. But cold it gets and easily be classified as a mid-level hill station. Tourists can visit it all year round wherein the days promise to be warm and easy, nights cold and chilly.

Rains in mountains can be tricky and only adventure-living tourists can dare to enter. It is a personal preference, but, the misty clouds rain brings along changes the atmosphere, loved by many.

Kullu is magical in Indian summers and tourists flock the place in great numbers. Kullu can be visited throughout the year, except for the monsoon period from July to August. Around Dusshera it is a great time to visit Kullu as the festivities around Raghunath temple is a must see. Kullu is adventurous in the winters. One can witness snowfall and enjoy the white sheet all over the valley.

The weather from March to June is very pleasant and inviting to most. The temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degrees and always stays in the comfortable zone. Tourists arrive here in great numbers and take part in many activities available here like camping, river-rafting and trekking activities. The nights are colder and light woolens are recommended and light cottons for the day. Those opting for trekking should carry heavy woolens as the temperature dips at spots on the mountains.

The monsoon season which starts in July and continues till August is avoided by many because of heavy rainfall. This region is prone to landslides and it is risky travelling here. The rainfall affects a number of tourist activities in town. Those who like the misty environs and cherish the sceneries neglect any travel advisories and arrive here in great numbers.

Higher water level creates difficulty in white water rafting in Kullu. Similarly some adventure sports conducted by private operators also come to a standstill.

The weather is quite cold in here and tourists should come armed with heavy woolens and especially the women folk should bring their scarves.

Winter is the coldest season here from October to February. The temperature often falls to sub-zero levels and often dips below -3 degrees Celsius. While October and November are just cold, December to February witnesses a lot of snowfall and is the coldest. Winter is advisable only if you are fine with a lot of snowfall. However if you love skiing and eager to create snow mans and engage in creating snowman and hurl snowballs, this is the time to visit.

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