Water Rafting

Water Rafting in Kullu

Except for the period from July to September, the rainy season, White Water Rafting can be enjoyed throughout the year. The best part is that rafting is possible in all grades of rapids which suits everyone including amateurs, tourists as well as trained and professional rafters.

The best season for rafting is divided between end of April to first week of July and from September to October. Monsoons and winter months are better avoided. The starting point is at Pirdi and continue around 14 km down to Jhiri.

Water Sports Center at Pirdi
Tourists benefit from the Water Sports Center which has been set up at Pirdi. It is equipped to provide one-stop-water-sports adventure experience. There are many private operators spread alongside this spot and the tourists can avail their services, but only after verifying their license issued by HP Tourism.

Rafting is mostly done on different stretches of the Beas River, where rapids of high and medium grades can be negotiated safely, providing an exhilarating experience for enthusiasts. Experts recommend that no one should hurry into this process. Only after completing the basic rafting, the next level should be experienced. This step by step process gives you the complete experience that you will want again and again.

Basic Training Facility in adventure sports
The now famous Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, frequently organises basic & advance training courses in trekking, mountaineering including rappelling, skiing and water sports. Top quality skiing, trekking and other allied gear can also be hired from here by booking in advance. This institute caters to both: domestic and international tourists. It is better to visit them online and inquire beforehand so that planning your trip becomes fruitful.

Kayaking Trips on Beas River
Recently the Institute has started arranging two-week kayaking trips on the Beas River in October. This river is a heaven for extreme Kayakers and beginner rafters alike. This river has got I - IV grade rapids. (The training courses for Kayaking and Canoeing are also in the pipeline and it is best to inquire online. Many a time when sufficient aspirants collect, the authorities might immediately announce the course.)

Boarding & Lodging Arrangements
This institute has sufficient lodging and boarding arrangements and many tourists opt for their facilities. It is better to visit them online and book early to avoid disappointment. The rush is less during the non-peak seasons especially towards early winters and just before the rains start.

More information can be had at the official web site of this institute : http://dmas.nic.in/Trekking.htm

Rafting Timings
Rafting usually begins at around 10:00 Hrs in the morning at Pirdi and can take from a few hours to a full day. Please inquire the time tourists need to arrive Pirdi from their place of stay because in mountainous areas, you need to start early. Most people will recommend you to leave by 8 O'clock.

About Rafting
Charges Starts at Rs. 550/- or more per ride covering a particular distance. For other grades and the distance covered, the charges vary between operators, who may provide additional facilities like lunch, snacks and convenient pick-up-and-drop facilities.

Difficulty Level : Medium to challenging/ II and III Grade

Rafting Stretches
Shortest Stretch - Pirdi to Bhunter

This stretch is really the shortest and the boat will sail you from the starting point, Pirdi and take you to Bhunter, 4 km away. By the time you settle and start enjoying, you find your sailing is about to end. You hardly need more than half an hour and time flies quickly. Here, you won't experience any rapids but it is just sufficient to give you some taste of this expedition and you will definitely long for the longer version of this adventurous sport!

Longest Stretch of 14 km: Pirdi to Jhiri

Known for high rapids, the stretch from Pirdi to Bajaura really an adrenaline rush and highly enjoyable. On this entire stretch tourists face different graded rapids.People who like adventurous hobbies will surely enjoy this trip very much and it will be permanently etched in their memories and many will record as their lifetime achievement.

This ride extends to 14 km and easily consumes around 90 minutes. After sailing for some distance suddenly the tourists meet the rapids phase which is tough no doubt, but thrilling as well. To give you company, another river named Parvati joins you, flowing from the nearby high peaks. The ride is totally safe and there is nothing to worry about, say many tourists who have sailed previously. Tourists just need to hold their nerve and once they cross this phase, satisfaction rules the roost.

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