Best Time to Visit Manali Himachal Pradesh

Best Time to Visit Manali

Manali sits at high altitude of above 6,500 feet and get eligible for snowfalls. Snow brings skiing possibilities; freezing temperatures allow skating on glaciers and rivers. Every season has its own benefits and so people welcome even extreme temperatures.

Manali is a charming destination which maintains its discreet charm throughout the year. The summers in Manali are extremely pleasant with the temperatures fluctuating from 10 to 25 degrees. The winters are really chilly with minimums falling to sub-zero levels. This is the ideal time for tourists to enjoy snowfall. The town sees regular arrivals almost throughout the year.

Summers in Manali start in early March and last till June but mostly the weather is pleasant. The mercury fluctuates between 10 and 25 degrees but this is the time when the valley experiences blooming flowers to the delight of shutterbugs. This is just what the doctor ordered for activities like trekking, river rafting, paragliding and other mountain based sports adventures.

From end of July Manali is destined to get the rains that last till early September. Usually Manali witnesses heavy rainfall leading to landslides and road blocks. Many a time it takes a couple of days to clear the road blocks. Ordinary tourists normally keep off Manali but there are others too that simply love the thundery conditions and the misty developments just before the rainfall.

Honeymooners, newly married couples who have witnessed such conditions make it a point to arrive here and experience the cozy comfort the atmosphere provides. Armed with raincoats and other gear, couples willingly roam around giggling.

Heavy rainfall often plunges the mercury further downward and makes the evenings & nights really chilly. Heavy woolens are recommended during this period.

A plus point is that since many tourists keep away, hoteliers drop their prices and accommodations are available at hefty discounts.

Once the rains fade away by mid September the winter starts sowing itself in the valley. Manali slowly starts getting cold to real cold and by December the winter is in full swing. The temperatures go down to as low as -1 degree Celsius. December to February is the ideal time to enjoy the snowfall and the spectacular beauty of this place. It is the perfect time for adventure enthusiasts and the honeymooners.

If you are planning to visit Rohtang Pass, you should not plan your trip from January to April as the roads to the pass are closed

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