Water Rafting

Water Rafting in Manali

Adventure junkies prefer white river rafting in Manali as the Beas River has a good range of around 25-30 km and provides the class of 3/4/5 in rafting standards. The experience is challenging & fulfilling and many private operators conduct rafting for different distances catering to different age groups and experiences.

Canoeing & Kayaking
Kayaking is usually conducted at the Pandoh Dam when you are on the way to Mandi. Some operators also conduct Canoeing and Kayaking in the Beas River in Manali as well. Enthusiasts should contact the operators because this sport is comparatively new and not many are inclined to do it alone.

Intelligent Choice for Staying
Rafting enthusiasts should consider the following points and only then choose their place of stay.
1.    Water rafting is done on river Beas either from Pirdi or Mohal, which is 4 km ahead of the Kullu town down towards Jhiri village, which is around 14 km away.

River Rafting Optionsin Manali
Short Rafting session: covers 7 km
Long Rafting session: covers 14 km

2.    Pirdi is another 45 kms from Manali. It is better to contact your tour operator to consider the place of stay else most of your time will be spent on traveling only.
3.    The rafting takes nearly one & half to two hours consisting of rapids from grade II & III. (Period Apr 15th-Jun end).
4.    Rafting begins at around 10 o'clock in the morning at Pirdi and hence, the  recommended starting time from Manali is 8 o'clock. All this traveling and rafting will easily consume one full day.

Best Time for River Rafting
April to June and mid-September to mid-October are the best seasons for river rafting at Manali. Actually it depends on the amount of water flowing in the Beas River and it is always best to conform the availability from your tour operators before even thinking of arriving here. In adverse conditions, less snow melts and hence the water is not enough for that extreme experience which everyone wants from white water rafting.

We recommend you to please avoid extreme winters and monsoon season.

Some Quick tips for White Water Rafting
1.    Minimum recommended age for is 14 years.
2.    Wear tight fitting clothes, like a shirt and a trouser and sports shoes.
3.    It is better to acclimatize for a day or two before you take the plunge into the river
4.    If possible, first take the non-rapid session so you have a basic understanding of the sport
5.    Talk to the operator on what you should eat before joining the rafting
6.    Have some extra warm clothing on the banks so that if need be, you can easily change clothes and slip into warm ones.
7.    Make sure you hire a trained and experienced rafting operator who has a valid license from the authorities.
8.    Ensure you have a coach who accompanies you and you have proper lifeguard jackets.
9.    If possible, avoid rafting singly, that is, try having some other friend or family member as well.

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