Camping in Nainital

It is a cluster of Seven (Sat) interconnected fresh water lakes (Taal) is what attracts every tourist. Usually hills have just one to boast of but here there are seven (now five as two have dried up), as if asking the tourist to visit one per weekday. Located just 278 km from Delhi, it is one of the nearest camping destinations available for the city dwellers. No wonder, many tourists from Delhi and other nearby cities throng to this easily approachable camping site.

The distance of 22 kms keeps Nainital at bay and makes this camping site a secluded one. This Nainital camp is one of the first adventure camps in the region and also the most popular. Located on a hilltop overlooking all the seven lakes, it stands at a modest height of 1,350 meters or roughly 4,315 feet. The atmosphere is neither too cold nor too hot and hence known as one of the most ideal spots for camping.

Choose Your Type of Camping

Some of camps are set up on the boundary of Nainital whereas some others are located beyond the Nainital Lake. Tourists arrive at the lake and the organizers help them cross over using boats. Further a small hike of 15-20 minutes takes them to the campsite. The boat ride, the small hike is mesmerizing and the tourists get the feel of approaching something really worth remembering. 

Accommodation in Swiss/American Safari Tents along-with camp cots, mattresses and sleeping bags ensure a comfortable stay in the wilderness. Normal tented accommodation is also available with shared washrooms.

Extraordinary Camping Facilities

Other than the usual fare available at most campsites, Nainital offers Kayaking, Rowing, Fishing and Swimming in clean lakes. Tourists can also splash under a hidden waterfall in forest and explore the deep jungles. If in a group, exploring is the most popular activity. An amazing observation by most tourist groups is, if everyone is quiet, the birds often chirp loudly breaking the monotony. And this chatter grows so loud; it can beat a noisy classroom. 

An unusually big playground (actually a dry lake bed of Biyun Taal) also exists allowing you to play soccer and unwind. The flat ground on one side and tall green mountains adjoining it make for a beautiful scene. This itinerary perfectly fits for a short weekend getaway and tourists praise of this totally satisfying outing.

Adventure Facilities at Nainital Camps

The adventure facilities at Nainital are fully developed with instructors and assistants already in place to take full care of the tourists. Since Nainital stands at a moderate height, most of the adventure activities are not difficult to attempt because the temperature is seldom too cold in summers.

The various facilities tourists can expect here are:

Rock climbing,

River Crossing,


Burma Bridge



Obstacle Course

Parallel Rope

Paragliding etc. 

Extra sightseeing options

Depending on the season and atmosphere, Wildlife Safari tour, Deep Jungle Explorations, Bird Watching and Nature Walk are also offered. When many tourist groups arrive, it is possible to have a group activity, between multiple teams. Since everyone is new and raw, none have an upper hand. 

Best Times to Camp in Nainital

Nainital is famous for moderate temperatures round the year. Except for rainy season (July to August), it can be visited any time. However, many people like to enjoy the hills and boating in rainy season and they can always visit here. The only precaution needed is that the surface gets slippery. 

There is an extra reason to visit and that is the misty environs favoured by couples. Rain drenched trees and shrubs appear in bright green, especially when sun shines briefly. Monsoon specific flowers bloom filling the atmosphere with mild perfume which is loved by all.

The temperature ranges between 15-30 degrees in summers (April to June) and drops to around 2 degrees during the winters (November to February). 

Heavy Discounts in Rainy Season

Landslides and road blocks are often witnessed during the rainy season, keeps many tourists off. This is the reason why most camps and hotels offer big discounts. For less money, tourists can look forward for extended vacations. Those who like rains can still book the camps and get huge discounts.

Do’s and Don’ts for Camping

Camping is mostly a new residential experience for everyone and it is not like living in a hotel. Past experience shows people do not understand the difference and often create a ruckus on every small issue. Maintain harmony and take back sweet memories, the sole reason you have come here for. 

Do not play loud music as this camp as it disturbs the tranquility.

Camping site cannot be provided with room service.

Dinner cannot be carried to your tents.

Camping is not recommended for expecting women, families with infants and those who cannot walk moderate distances.

Spend some time in darkness and watch the stars laden sky. One glance and you know what you missed in your city back home. You know the vastness and idea of your entity.

Before sleeping at night, keep quiet inside your tent and try listening to the night world. Hills have a different world of their own which comes alive only at night.

Hills are the best place to try low light photography. Dusk & dawns present ample opportunities no one should miss out.

Try staying at least 2-3 days if possible. For full enjoyment and total relaxation and rejuvenation this is the apt period. Else all your energy will be wasted in arriving & departing only.

Many a time local villagers drop in to meet the visitors. Their children do come along trying to join in and have fun. Often these result in fruitful talks and laughter sessions. It is recommended not to shoo them away for mutual benefit.

Plastic bags are not allowed inside the campus. Please do not litter them outside and try to keep the mountains clean.

Do’s and Don’ts for Adventure Activities

Most adventure activities are new. Though the timings are different for every operator, generally they are held between 10 am and 6 pm. It is possible that the clients are divided into two groups and taken to different locations. Ensure you reach well before 10 am and not miss the instructions. 

These are some do’s and don’ts for these adventure activities.

Please understand what the task is and how best one can do it. Mostly the instructor will give a demonstration. Please ask your doubts before starting out.

Night falls quickly and it is always best to wrap all adventure activities before 6 pm.

DO NOT insist on continuing beyond 6 pm if any of your paid-task is incomplete (this is for your own safety. You might grievously injure yourself if our security personnel fail to notice any slip/mishap).

DO NOT rush into any task because newcomers always take time to adjust. The times are so adjusted to allow a few seconds of leeway. Even if you take a minute extra consider it as normal.

Only wear tight fitting clothes like salwar kameez and pant-shirt. Stoles or dupatta should be avoided as it may entangle mid-way and disrupt your proceedings.

Be prepared with heavy woolens in winters and woolens even in summers as the temperature is much cooler than other adventure activity centers.

Hand gloves may be necessary as sometimes holding chilled bamboo is very difficult. Try your hand before trying to attempt any activity.

Avoid wearing ornaments like Mangalsutra, gold-necklaces which may snatch your focus away from the task.

Carry glucose tablets to keep your energy going and you don’t waste time eating.

Paragliding has a minimum weight requirement and not all children can be allowed a ride.

If you fear any particular task, consult with the security people before attempting.

Our staff is attentive at all adventure spots and is available for immediate help. You can call if and when necessary. Try to befriend them by asking them their names. When you need them, calling by name gets better attention.

In case of any serious injury, we can transport you to the nearest hospital.

Average Camping Tariff

The rates vary from Rs 3,000 to 6,000 per couple per night (Double/Triple Sharing)

Corporate groups Rs 2,500 per person (Triple Sharing)

Charges vary as per the amenities provided. 

How to Reach Nainital

Nainital is a popular tourist attraction and many people either singly or in groups visit frequently. It is easily accessible either by air, rail or roads. The details are as follows:

By Air

Pantnagar Airport is the nearest and around 60 km away. The roads are well maintained and one can easily reach Nainital within 2 hours and the beautiful scenery ensures tourists don’t get tired. Private taxis are available from the airport to Nainital. Pantnagar Airport gets regular flights from Delhi and Chandigarh. 

By Rail

Kathgodam is the nearest railhead, around 32 km away. Trains from Delhi connect Kathgodam daily and this route is on the main line. Private buses and taxis are available from Kathgodam & Haldwani to Nainital. From Delhi, the journey is an overnight one. Nainital can be covered within an hour from either of the two stations. 

By Road

Nainital is easily approachable from Delhi and has good, well maintained metal roads. The entire journey lasts around 8 hours. Buses & taxis are easily available from ISBT Anand Vihar to Nainital, Nainital and Kathgodam. The entire Uttarakhand state has good connectivity and one can visit any town nearby using road transport service.

Self Driving

Roads connecting Delhi to Nainital are worth driving. The journey is smooth as silk except some areas in the plains where the road is in tatters. The short hilly stretch may trouble you but more or less the journey is enjoyable. The normal time to cover the distance of 282 km is around 8 to 9 hours. Uttarakhand boasts of good motor able roads and due to the fresh air all around, driving fatigue is very negligible. 

List of Campsites operating at Nainital


Getaway Jungle Camp

YMCA Nainital Campsite

Nainital Adventure and Jungle Camp

Other Major Activities


  • Do make sure you get back to the campsite before dark.
  • Do go hiking accompanied by at least one person. Make your co-travellers informed.
  • Do bring with your insect repellents.
  • Do try to leave the least carbon footprints.


  • Don't try to feed or harass the wildlife.
  • Don't try to enter a private property.
  • Don't leave back any uneaten food in natural areas.
  • Don't try to sleep in the same clothing that you wore during the day.

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