trekking in Nainital

Nainital is known as a trekker's paradise as the hilly terrain is perfect for that adrenaline push. Exploring this hill station on foot is the biggest pleasure for adventure enthusiasts. Not only the trekkers see unknown beauties but also discover some hidden gems spread along the route.

Excellent Trekking Spots
Nainital boasts of several trekking spots like Barapatthar which is just a stone throw, that is 4 km away from the city center. Similarly Kilbury lies a definitely reachable 12 km away which is perfect for some peace and solitude amidst green forests and the wonderful views of the Himalayas.

The other well-known and frequented trekking spots are:
1.    Old (over 150 years old) Graveyards trek, covering Khurpatal and Bhowali Road, a 12-km round trip.
2.    Nainital to Petaria to Ranu Dhar to Ger Khet and back, making for a 13.5-km round trip.
3.    Nainital to Kahaala Garden to Puraani Chungi to Laal Pani (waterfall) and back, a beautiful 14-km round trip.
4.    Nainital to Birla Chungi to Dunikhal to Kahala Garden and back back for a 15-km round trip.
5.    Nainital to Snowview to Naini Peak to Camel's Back to Land's End to Tiffin Top and return peacefully and back, a 16-km round trip.
6.    Nainital to Tanki to Kilbury to Pangot to Naini Peak and back, a beautiful and mesmerising 19-km round trip.
7.    Nainital to Birla Chungi to Duni Khal to Kanchi (visiting the famous Kanchi Temple en route) and back, a round trip of 21.5 km.
8.    Nainital to Snow View to Naini Peak to Pangot to Rathighat and back, totalling to around 32-km round trip.

The Ever Popular China Peak Trek
Fondly known as Cheena peak or Naina Peak it has the maximum height of 2,084m in Nainital and invites every adventure enthusiast to trek and climb it for that adrenaline rush and a satisfaction of standing at the tallest position. Contrary to popular belief, this trek is the easiest one that takes you through thick deodar, cypress and pine forest which will rejuvenate the senses.

The Mesmerizing Snow View Trek
To experience this the trekker needs to move just about 3 kms from the city center. Once there, it gives the most scenic perspective of the town below and the whole of 350 km long and wide scope of the Himalayas.

Trekkers & tourists can also trek to snow view point which has a small temple with beautiful images of Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman with Durga and Shiva is also located there, which is a major attraction contributor to the trek.

Tiffin Top Trek
Standing tall at 2,290 m, called as Dorothy’s Seat in memory of an English woman Mrs. Kellet Dorothy, who was slaughtered in an air crash, Tiffin Top is a short trek of around 3 km and gives incredible perspective of the Himalayas and the town. The trail is noisy and frequented by woodpeckers, birds, thrushes, songbirds and so forth. There is no apparent reason for these birds to frequent this track but they do and crease noise which is unbearable some times.

Bird Sanctuary: Boon for Bird Watchers
Nainital boasts of over 500 species of birds which keep visiting the beautiful lake and the surrounding jungles. Nainital is already a notified bird sanctuary and the nearby Kilbury is home to few hundreds of species of birds. Sometime tourists are overwhelmed when even half the number starts chirping.

Some of the local birding areas are:
Snow View, Naini Peak, Sat Tal, Mangoli, Pangot, Kahala Garden, and Purani-Chungi.

Some of the spotted birds are: Koklass, Kalij and Cheer Pheasants, forktails, Laughing Thushes, Red-billed Blue Magpies.

Short Distance Treks
Nainital, as mentioned earlier, is a trekker's paradise. There are many treks which are documented and some that are not. We put here a few:
1.    Pangot - Woodpecker Point, 2 km away.
2.    Pangot - Timla Pani area, 9 km away, and
for the more enthusiastic,
3.    Pangot - Vinayak Cheer Pheasant point, 11 km away satisfies everyone for sure. Those looking for a strenuous trek:
4.    Pangot – Cheena Peak, 8 km away is truly strenuous and needs at least one day.

Wonderful Studio Place
Sattal has one place called Studio, no less than a miracle. Here one can just sit and wait with his camera or binocular and the birds obliges by coming near for a bath, both in summers and winters.

Other Major Activities

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