Places to Visit in Pahalgam Jammu and Kashmir

  • Chandanwari is starting point of Amarnath Yatra, located 16 kms from Pahalgam. Pilgrims start trekking to Amarnath from here. Pony rides are also available from here for the pilgrims who wish not to trek. Located at about 3,000 meters above sea level, Chandanwari is easily accessible from Pahalgam by car or other commutation means.
  • Relive & recreate the Betaab Film Scenes, Betaab Valley 

    Film buffs long to visit the shooting locations and frame themselves. The Betaab Valley is one such location waiting for you to prove your mettle. Relive the film and picture yourself in the very scenes that made this film a huge success.
  • Sinthan Top is endlessly covered in at least some snow. A popular spot named 360 Degree allows you to see both Jammu and Kashmir halves of the state. The rocky access road is full of sharp turns amidst wild landscape. Reaching there is a nice experience as you will touch Daksum en route. Sinthan is the shortest route connecting Kashmir with Kishtwar in Jammu region.
  • At 1,677 m and 45 kms from Pahalgam, Achabal is a visual treat with riot of colours with exquisite fountains. Surrounded by Chinar trees add a touch of regality and in autumn the trees turn red. This beauty remains etched in tourists’ memories forever.
  • Closely observe the Bakarwal Tribe, Dabiyan Valley

    More interesting than reading the Wikipedia, the Bakarwal tribe has some fantastic traditions. The tribe is open to talking to tourists and on close encounters, they may reveal more than what is known. Be the first to get some insider information. 

    It is just 5 kilometers from Pahalgam and you can either trek or ride a pony.
  • The Lidder River welcomes you to tame it and offers ice-cold water as a challenge. There are arrangements for newcomers as well as seasoned players for white water rafting Lidder River is full of Trout Fish, just waiting for someone to pick them out! , Seldom you see a bridge which is so unique and one of a kind. The picture tells all. Have a look and compare your notes.
  • 23 km from Pahalgam and 3,590 m altitude Sheshnag Lake is the most beautiful attraction in Kashmir. 250 m deep and crystal clear water makes it an ideal camping point. The reflection of surrounding meadows makes it an attractive point. Legends say Lord of Snakes, Sheshnag himself dug this lake.
  • AwantiSwami Temple is located in Avantipur. It has two adjoining temples; however the larger one which is almost in ruins is the famous AwantiSwami Temple which was built as dedication to Lord Shiva. It is believed to be built in 9th century and the architecture has hints of Greek Archaeology. Built in Sand stone, the temple could not stand the harshness of time and is now in ruins. Adjacent to it, there is a smaller temple which is used for daily prayers.
  • Believed to have been built by King Lalitaditya Muktapida in the 700s, Sun Temple dates back its existence to era of Pandavas. Situated 7 kms from Pahalgam and standing on the top of a plateau, Sun Temple gives a mesmerising view of the Mattan Village.
  • Famous for its scenic meadows, Aru is also is a base camp for trekkers to the Kolahoi Glacier, one of the famous peak points and trekking destination of Kashmir. Aru is surrounded by mountains on all sides that engulf the Kashmir Wildlife Sanctuary. Aru has about 20 alpine lakes, peaks and meadows around it and the best time to visit this place is during the months of May to October.
  • Kookernag offers some of the most beautiful rose gardens and tourists can enjoy trout fishing in this region.
  • Verinag is a spring located at the foot of Banibal Pass and is believed to be the source of Jhelum River. In 1612, Emperor Jahangir built an octagonal stone basin around it and a garden. It is believed that the water from this spring has medicinal values
  • Mamaleshwar Temple was built by the King Jayasimha on the bank of river Lidder devoting to Lord Siva. Dating back to 12th century, this temple is one of the most ancient temples of Pahalgam
  • The 8 shaped Tulian Lake, at 3,553 m is clubbed within Pir Panjal & Zanskar Mountains. This turquoise colored lake contrasts to the snowcapped mountains on the periphery. The trek from Pahalgam to here is the most steep and difficult yet offers the best views who take the risk.
  • The best place to taste apples. Just take a bit or dig into the flesh and feel the overflowing juices. Apples will never taste better than this place. The aroma fills your nostrils, the juice your mouth and the crunchy flesh satiate your eating pleasure.
  • The Kashmir Valley is dotted with alpine peaks, and known as bowl of lakes and orchards. It has unending terraced paddy fields separated by apple gardens and straight poplars. The region is also famous for the annual Amarnath Yatra.
  • Shikargarh is the famous wildlife reserve and a growing picnic spot, located in the middle of the main market of Pahalgam. It is easily accessible by foot or by pony rides and tourists visits this place to enjoy the natural beauty of flora and fauna.
  • Situated at an elevation of 4700 meters, Kolahoi Glacier is the largest glacier in Kashmir spreading over an area of 11 It is also known as the ‘Hanging Glacier’ and is one of the most famous trekking sites in Kashmir. The trek from Pahalgam to Kolhoi Glacier is about 10 kms and the terrain is fully snow covered running parallel to the Lidder River. Giving the trek route is completely snow-filled, gumboots are available for trek at the starting points and tourists are advised to use snow gumboots for the same.
  • Located at an elevation of 3,408 meters, Lidderwat is another beautiful trekking site situated at a distance of about 11-13 kms from Aru. Tourist trekking to Kolahoi Glacier will have to pass through the Lidderwat Valley and the trek is extreme enjoyable with a panoramic view and snow-covered terrains.
  • There is also a Bobby Hut in Pahalgam, where the song “Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho” was shot.

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