Skiing in Pahalgam

Skiing basically covers techniques of sliding down in mountainous snow bound area to cover long down slope distances in short period. Pahalgam is known as one of the prime places for an enjoyable skiing experience in the entire Jammu and Kashmir. To be honest, Aru is the place that is talked about here, situated at a short distance from Pahalgam. The place is breathtaking to say the least with surreal landscape and ample of serenity making skiing in Pahalgam once in a lifetime experience. The Jawahar Institute of Mountaneering and Winter Sports offers skiing courses to amateurs.

Medical fitness

It is better to undergo certain medical tests and one of them is the one checking Altitude sickness before you embark upon this adventure.

Some General Skiing Tips

1.      Good footwear is a must if you plan to go skiing.

2.      If you are renting the gear, spend some time till you find perfectly fitting shoes and check other gear is of high quality.

3.      Vendors often ask you to hurry up, but it is in your interest to spend time, and select the best equipment. After all, once you have paid in full, you should get the best experience.

4.      Get a good cap which covers your head and a good goggle which will prevent your eyes as and when sun's rays come on and trouble your eyes.

5.      In case the operator is asking high, show him you are ready to quit the plan and go elsewhere. This will have its effect and the operator will come low.

6.      Always look for operators who are registered with the tourism authority so that in the event of any complain, there is some redressal mechanism.

Safety Tips

1.      Carry medicines for cold and flu.

2.      Sometimes greater heights mean you lose your appetite. Carry glucose tabs for instant energy.

3.      Carry a small portable torch, so that in case of trouble, you can at least signal someone.

4.      Make sure you carry plenty of warm clothes. Get jackets that are insulated.

5.      Take your instructor's tips very seriously.

Best time for Skiing

Best Time for Skiing is from December to March

Pahalgam Skiing operators

Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports

About Skiing in Pahalgam

Some interesting and necessary facts about Skiing in Pahalgam

Usually the charges start approximately at Rs. 2000 per person per session of skiing. Different operators, depending on their quality of equipment charge extra. But it is always debatable and you should never give in too quickly.


Highest Altitude :3400 m

Number of Days Required for learning & skillful riding :Minimum 2-3 days

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