Best Time to Visit Patnitop Jammu and Kashmir

Best Time to Visit Patnitop

Just a couple of hours drive from Jammu, Patnitop is not fully discovered by the tourists. It is one of the most mesmerizing hill destinations and is essentially a year-round destination due to its incredible weather. However, the best time to visit this amazing place really depends upon a tourist’s individual tastes and preferences.


Patnitop's summer season lies between May to June. The temperatures vary from 10 to 40 degrees. During the day cotton clothes are comfortable whereas for the nights light woolen garments are preferable.

This is the best time visit as the weather is the most inviting and one can forget the summer heat. Tourists often land here for paragliding and other aero sports. Golf enthusiasts can visit the nearby Sanasar Golf Club which is just 19 km away! Trekking is also one of the popular activities as the mornings & evenings are cool and offer magnificent spots en route. Horse riding and Sledging are already on the tourists’ radar.

Summer is ideal for leisure travelers as the place literally blooms with diverse flowers of varied varieties.


Patnitop experiences many thunderstorms in the rainy season between July to September. Due to sudden drop and rise in temperature, woolen clothes are also needed. During heavy downpour, sightseeing becomes difficult. Rainy season is wonderful in hills provided you have some spare days.

Couples often arrive to immerse deep in the low-lying clouds. The vapours fill the atmosphere with romantic moods and mystic environs ideal for playing hide and seek within the clouds. However those who enjoy rains, this hill station can be quite picturesque.


December to February marks the winter season in Patnitop. Maximum temperature seldom rises above mid twenties whereas the minimum can often fall below zero. Post snowfall, the entire landscape turns white and makes it ideal for lazing out especially for rolling down a slope and making a snow man.

For adventure sports like Skiing Patnitop is ideal in this season.

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