Places to Visit in Patnitop Jammu and Kashmir

  • One of the most happening places in and near Patnitop. In winters most of the peaks are snow laden. At other times, it offers magnificent views of the nearby peaks and sometimes snow laden peaks are a treat to watch. 

    Nathatop also is the sports center as Paragliding courses are taken here. Those tourists who have done these courses praise a lot saying, “it is like sailing through clouds, like birds”.
  • Shiva Temple, Sudh Mahadev  

    This Shiva Temple is over 100 years old and sits near Patnitop. Pilgrims visit this temple all year round and especially on the full moon night in the month of Shravan (July-August). A few steps ahead lies the Gauri Kund (where Goddess Parvati bathed) and the Mantalai Forest.
  • At over 6,000 feet (2079 m), Sanasar is the satellite resort of Patnitop. It is a cup-shaped meadow and is surrounded by gigantic conifers. The serene environs, peace all around makes it a good candidate for spending a quiet holiday. 

    Now the same Sanasar is being developed as a Golf Course and considers itself as an ideal place for paragliding. 

    Many treks start around here and on their return journey, return back here.
  • Trekkers and walking enthusiasts surely take this road to stroll around. Many beauties not mentioned anywhere can be discovered and almost everyone comes back with interesting stories. But what everyone adds that “you just don’t know when you covered the entire distance”. Ideal even for lazy strollers and is highly recommended.
  • Sudh Mahadev Temple is an 80 year old temple where Lord Shiva accidently killed one of devotees, Sudheeta who was trying to protect Goddess Parvati. Upon realizing his mistake, Lord Shiva wanted to bring Sudheeta back to life; however he refused and instead wished to die at his God’s feet. Today at this place a broken Trishul is found and a lot of Shiv devotees come here to offer their prayers. The best time to visit this place is during Navratras given the celebration
  • Just 5 kilometers from Patnitop it remains under snow in winters. Madhatop is considered a haven for skiing beginners because the slopes are very gentle and newbie-friendly. Starters flock this place and in winters it gets its share of onlookers. 

    Madhatop is also credited for its three freshwater springs which are famous for their curative properties. 

    It is also on the radar of Jammu & Kashmir Tourism as they send a bunch of instructors and equipment for skiing. Encouraged by this, even local vendors come up with equipment and hire it to the tourists.
  • The oldest place in Patnitop dating back to 600 years old, The Naag Temple is belived to be the place where Lord Shiva and Parvati got married. It is located near Mantalai and is visited by many tourists every year. It is mostly crowded during the days of Naag Panchmi when thousands of devotees flow in to offer their prayers.

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