Camping in Patnitop

Camping in Sanasar is promoted by the J&K Tourism Department. The Camping Gear is available on rent from J&K Tourist Development Corporation. Most of the trekking sites, pony riding routes are suitable for camping and one can spot some tents pitched up en route. The sparse population on mountains means you can always camp on any place which meets your fancy, especially if the site maintains a safe distance from slopes, rivers & lakes and avalanche-prone areas.


With many vendors following your movement, the camping gear is available everywhere. Take time before picking the right one and ensure all of your personal items like food and other essentials should meet your expectations. Carry a spare of each item and a few medicines, glucose, a pair of torches, water, a mobile and a sleeping bag. Being self-sufficient will always help in case of emergencies and you can also help others.


Try to have fun with your amazing sports activities and camping. Being a part of nature always gives pleasure and camping is one such activity.


Adventure Options at Patnitop

1.      Mountain Trekking

2.      Horse Riding

3.      Skiing in Sanasar

4.      Burma Bridge

5.      Cycling from Sanasar to Nathatop

6.      Wall Climbing

7.      Star Gazing

8.      Yoga Under Pine Tree

9.      Staying in Swiss Tents

Climbing in Kud, Patnitop – Sanasar –Sankhpal region. The period of April to November is best for climbing.

Other Major Activities


  • Do make sure you get back to the campsite before dark.
  • Do go hiking accompanied by at least one person. Make your co-travellers informed.
  • Do bring with your insect repellents.
  • Do try to leave the least carbon footprints.


  • Don't try to feed or harass the wildlife.
  • Don't try to enter a private property.
  • Don't leave back any uneaten food in natural areas.
  • Don't try to sleep in the same clothing that you wore during the day.

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