trekking in Pithoragarh

Trek the terrain:
Nestled some 1615 meters above the sea level, Pithoragarh is a dream destination for any trekker. Trekking here is the most beautiful experience. There are several treks in the region for you enjoy, a few of them are given below:

1] Pithoragarh to Lipulalekh Trek- This trek has Pithoragarh as a base and covers a total distance of 172 km. The trek starts from Pangu, and you trek 23km to reach Gala, being the first stop at any Tourist bungalow. Again the trekking of 20 kms is done to another stop at Budi, and then Gunji and moving further to Nabi Dhang where the trek ends, and you move back to the destination trekking again.  

2] Pithoragarh Sinla Pass Trek- In this trek, one faces the challenges of trekking for 17days starting similarly from the Pangu but ending at New Sobla from where the motorable road starts and reach to Almora. The entire trek is broken in small destinations, and one stops at various predetermined destinations at some camp or tourist bungalows. The route is full of uphill, downhill, narrow tracks and sharp twists. The region is covered with snow, dense forests or several streams.  

3] Pithoragarh to Sinla Pass trek- Similarly, there is the other Sinla pass trek covering the Kailash –Mansarovar trek. The route is covered with snow and presents the view to the Chhota Kailash. This trek also gives you an insight into the lives of the local tribal people from the tribes of Chaudans, Byans, and Darma valleys.

4] Pithoragarh to Parwati lake in the Sinla pass Trek- This is a hard seasonal trek covering the high altitude area. It is a 13-day trek starting from Kali covering Kuti, Dhauli, reaching to the Jolikong where the beautiful Parvati lake lies.

As you move ahead in the journey of trekking you see jaw-dropping landscapes, terraced fields adjoining the ancient glorious temples and forts. There are several government approved companies who follow all safety rules and conduct the treks. They also provide lodging at various stop points. The equipment required to trek is also furnished by the tour operators.

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