Places to Visit in Saputara Gujarat

  • The Park was originally the private property of maharaja of Vansda but in recent years, has become a wonderful tourist spot. It covers a total area of 24 square kilometers. The National Park is home to rusty-spotted cat, giant squirrel, four-horned antelope, tiger, leopard, and pangolin.
  • The famous falls are at approximately 52 kilometers from Saputara and make a superb excursion trip especially during period of June to November.
  • The astounding village is run and managed by Chandrakant Parmar and Surya Goswami and presents a detailed view on culture of this region. Tourists will not only enjoy the tribal artifacts on display here, but can try out their hands at Warli painting or creating tribal objects. There is also accommodation provided to tourists on a very affordable price.
  • With the span of 160 square kilometers, Purna Wildlife Sanctuaryis an integral zone ofdense moist deciduous forest of Western Ghats. The sanctuary is supplies by rivers Purna and Gira. The well demarcated bamboo-lined pathways give trekkers a memorable trekking experience.
  • The point provides a fascinating broader view of Saputara and juxtaposing Malegaon. The tourists are mesmerized to experience moment of Sunrise. The best time to visit Sunrise Point is wee hours, but tourists can arrange a flexible trip to sport at any time of day and catch delightful sightings.
  • Tourists, who are yearning to catch a real glimpse of Sunset, can be here on evenings. The Sunset Point also provides scenic view of Dang Forest. The entire forest is interspersed with tribal settlements, and tourists can get a view of their daily chores from a distance.
  • The amazing place is known to house many unique varieties of roses. The very moment you make an entry into the garden; you are encountered with relishing fragrance of roses of different species.
  • The name as it symbolizes, this garden is created in form of steps. The remarkably chiseled steps have been festooned with attractive looking flower pots, superb plant species etc. A specially constructed forest hut in center of garden provides comfortable stay to tourists. The garden has rare species of flowering plants.
  • Just 3 km from Saputara it is apt for trekkers. Situated on a flattened hill-top it rises just a modest 200 meters from the ground. The cool breeze makes it an all season weekend trip destination. Though it looks best in monsoon the tourists like to visit the first thing in the mornings.

  • Sliding at a height of around 30 feet this ropeway is a must when visiting Saputara. Running between the Governor’s hill and Sunset Point it covers the distance in 15 minutes. The two dozen cabins can be seen floating around and accommodate up to 12 people.

  • The marvelous garden is settled on the banks of Saputara Lake, which eventually makes it an excellent junket. Domestic and foreign tourists enjoy spending their times here, far away from city’s hustle and bustle.
  • Heaven for photographers, this is one of the finely maintained places in Saputara. Though it is a small garden with over two dozen steps and each has a wide range of flower beds. From the top the valley appears mesmerizing and you get a 180 degree view of the town.

  • Located just about 49 km away the view is best during the monsoons. Originating from the Kapri tributary the water descends from a height of 30 meters into the Ambika River and offers a very picturesque view. Photographers scramble to get the most enchanting angle. The best time to visit would be between June to November.

  • Just 50 km away this sacred temple of Saptashringi, one of the sisters of Goddess Kali witnesses heavy crowds during Navratri & Dussehra festivals. Highly revered by the locals the tourists visiting Saputara make it a point to visit here. The adjoining mountain makes for some interesting views as well.

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