trekking in Shimla

Trekking has become a favourite adventure sport, where one treks one mountain incline to another mountain incline. The magnificent hills surrounded by snowy peaks are ideal for trekking in Shimla. HPTDC or Himachal Pradesh Tourist Dev. Corp. provides guidance, camps, equipment and hospitality services to trekkers.

Some popular trekking places around Shimla are:
1.    Chharabra (2,953m): 13 km
2.    Naldehra (2,044m): 23 km
3.    Narkanda (2,700m): 64 km. This is the starting point to Hattu Peak via Sutlej Valley.
Some popular trekking routes
1.    Shimla- Luhri - Ani - Khanag - Jalori Pass- Jibhit — Banjar
2.    Shimla - Narkanda - Hattu Peak - Chaupal - Kedi - Halau - Kandol - Koti - Chakrata
3.    Shimla - Narkanda - Khadrala - Sungri - Devidhar - Rohru - Shimla
4.    Banjar - Bathad - Sarahan - Arsu - Rampur - Shimla
5.    Shali Tibba (2,867m), the highest peak, has steep & steady climb.
6.    Mashobra - Khatnol (1,850m) - Shali Tibba. Good for rest and climb within 3 hours.
7.    Shimla-Chhota Shimla-Kasumpti-Mehali-Kawalag-Ashwin Pul-Junga-Paidala Bridge-Junedghat-Chail takes roughly 10 hours covering 30 km.
8.    Taradevi Trail - Just 11 km from Shimla on the National Highway, takes around 3 hours of moderate hike for 1,832m for a fantastic sunset.
9.    A trek for children & elders - Charabra trek starts from Wildflower Hall. Gentle 4 km trek passing through green forest reserve with great views. Needs permit, one day in advance from District Forest Office near tourism lift for Rs 100/-.

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