Places to Visit in Sonamarg Jammu and Kashmir

  • Amanath is one of the most popular sacred places in India, situated at an altitude of about 4,175 meters in Himalayas. Amarnath is believed to be the home of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and also the place where Lord Shiva narrated stories and secrets of his life to Goddess Parvati. It is believed to 5000 years old cave and has ice formations in the shape of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and a Shiva Linga. Every year a lot of pilgrims visit this site offering their prayers.
  • This small valley located 15 kms from Sonamarg, is a famous camping site. Baltal is located on the coast of Sindh River
  • Cure your Ailments, Nilagrad River 

    Join the locals who take a dip here every Sunday. A must do task for all tourists. This river has healing and curative properties and who knows even you may get rid of some hidden ailment! The scenic beauty all around is a bonus!
  • Meet Krishna & Vishnu’s namesakes: Krishnasar and Vishansar Lakes 

    Lord Shiva appears to have a virtual monopoly here as almost every temple is His. Yet it is surprising to see two lakes dedicated to Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. Having a vertical difference of just 30 meters, the Krishnasar lake stands at 3801 meters whereas Vishansar at 3710 meters. Both are beautiful and look more so from nearby peaks.
  • Snow, snow all year round: Thajiwas Glacier

    Make a snowman, throw snowballs at each other, lie down and roll around as you wish. Have fun without boundaries. Any time of the year! In summers you can visit many waterfalls around this spot.
  • Situated in the middle of a natural spring, it is rumored to change the water black in any looming calamity. Else it is a beautiful, one of a kind temple in-between a spring. The views are magical, offer good opportunities for shutterbugs.
  • Situated about 3,500 meters above the sea level, Zoji-La Pass is the most dangerous pass in the Kashmir valley and the gateway to Ladakh. Enclosed by Drass Valley, snow-covered peaks and valleys of Kashmir; Zoji-La Pass should be visited in late spring given that entire year it receives heavy rainfall.
  • Gangabal Lake at Haramukh Feet, as Sacred as Ganga 

    Gangabal Lake, popularly known as the Harmukh Ganga, is considered one of the sources of River Jhelum. Located at an altitude of 3570 meters, Gangabal Lake holds religious importance for Kashmiri Hindus. Between the months of March and October, this lake is best for fishing.
  • Nilagrad is the place where Nilagrad River and Indus River unite with each other. 6 kms away from Sonamarg, Nilagrad River’s reddish coloured water is known for its curative properties and every Sunday a lot of people come here to take dip in to this river and cure their illness. The river is surrounded by meadows and mountains creating a picturesque beauty.

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