Camping in Sonamarg

While in Sonamarg, camping by the riverside is a favourite activity for the tourists. The natural beauty spread all around, with snow-covered mountains is a welcome sight for the tired traveller.


Tourists opine that camping in Sonamarg is one of the best experiences in the lap of the Himalayas. The breathtaking beauty of Sonamarg keeps the tourists spellbound and prod them to explore further.


Best Time for Camping

Sonamarg in summers is a good campsite. The superbly pleasant weather months are from mid-April to October. Tourists should avoid the Monsoons. Though the rainfall is not excessive but landslides can occur and make the roads slippery making it dangerous to tread through. Heavy snowfall means the winters are tough. Summer season normally troubles all plains and hence tourists flock to Kashmir and Sonamarg in particular to beat the heat.


Camping Tips
rganized camps have most facilities. Individuals should however, come prepared for themselves because generic solutions do not work for all. If your needs are in this list you should definitely bring them to the camps.

  1. Medicated cough dropsHigh altitudes can sometimes block nose & chest at night. Mint or menthol lozenges can ease the situation easily.
  2. An extra Lamp After all activity has died out, you can surprise everyone by using a lamp and hang it on your tent. This will light up the environment and create a scenic campsite and believe us, everyone will start clicking snaps because not everyone can think of such a luxury.
  3. Glucose tabletsSometimes high altitudes kills your appetite and without food you can become lethargic. Glucose tablets immediately give you the much needed energy and you will also not miss having a meal.
  4. AntacidsNot everyone can digest food from different sources. This can result in bloating and may mar your entire tour. An antacid comes handy and relieves you within minutes. Keep a few pouches or tabs with you.
  5. Sewing Needle Thorny bushes are all over mountainous terrains and can easily rupture your dress, or break your luggage. A fine sewing needle and thread can help you repair minor cuts and ruptures and you can complete your tour without much problem. Also if some thorn or bush pierces your skin, applying a bit of oil and using the needle can easily pick the item out.


Where to Go

Sonamarg is also a preferred campsite. There are many camping sites scattered in and around this hill station. Tourists often camp at the valley of the town or near the trekking trails or any water source. Organized camps are also available which many tourists opt for.You can choose your site according to location, facilities offered and the list of activities. Most camping sites enjoy the spectacular natural beauty and the pleasant charm which have a definite recall value.


Activities for Camping in Sonamarg

Campers can always trek to Thajwas Glacier, Zoji-la pass, Baltal and Nilagrad. Some of the camps provide trained guides. Tourists can inquire from the guides about the level of difficulty and then decide which treks should be sought.


Many campers proceed to visit the beautiful Himalayan lakes of Krishnasar, Vishansar and Gangabal. Some of these water sources provide fishing and the others are even said to have curative properties. Adventure activities like River rafting, canoeing, cycling, fishing, kayaking and many more sports can be enjoyed in the gushing white waters of Sindh River.

Some of the campsites have various indoor games and activities to interest the tourists. Games like volleyball, bonfire and other group games and sightseeing tours are included. Photographers usually are the delighted lot as they have a wonderful time clicking snaps as this is the heaven on earth.


Some of the Camping Resorts


Ahsan Mount Resort, provides modified and insulated safari tents, as a first in eco-resort. Located at 9,000 ft, the camp has luxury accommodations and is nestled in beautiful landscape. Ideal getaway for families, the tents have all modern amenities.


Maqbool Camping Resort

Baltal Road, Sonamarg, 190001


Located just 5 km away from Thajiwas Glacier, it is one of the best campsites in Sonamarg. Boasting of 10 tents, equipped with modern amenities like TV, medical services and a distinguished room service, not available with other campsites.

It is easily accessible from the Srinagar Railway Station, 92 km away.

Other Major Activities


  • Do make sure you get back to the campsite before dark.
  • Do go hiking accompanied by at least one person. Make your co-travellers informed.
  • Do bring with your insect repellents.
  • Do try to leave the least carbon footprints.


  • Don't try to feed or harass the wildlife.
  • Don't try to enter a private property.
  • Don't leave back any uneaten food in natural areas.
  • Don't try to sleep in the same clothing that you wore during the day.

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