Places to Visit in Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir

  • Dal Lake is the prime attraction of Srinagar, known for its houseboats ad shikara. Spread over an area of about 26 and approximately 15.5 km long, Dal Lake is considered to be one of the most romantic places and have been the destination of many romantic scenes in Bollywood movies. It is divided into four sections that are connected to the city through four causeways. It is the second largest lake in the State and popularly called as ‘Srinagar’s Jewel’ or ‘Jewel in the crown of Srinagar’. The best time to visit this place is during summers, for in water the temperature goes down to -1100 C freezing Dal Lake. Tourists can enjoy fishing, swimming, kayaking and several other activities.
  • Spread over 90 acres of land and situated at the Zabarwan Mountains near the banks of Dal Lake, Indirta Gandhi Tulip Garden is famous for having more than 70 varieties of Tulip flower. Every year an Annual Tulip Flower festival is organised in this garden which goes on for about seven days.
  • The monument of love, Shalimar Gardens, was built in 1616 by Mughal emperor Jahangir for his wife, Nur Jahan. The garden houses four terraces, fountain and a canal. Spread over an area of 31 acres surrounded by Chinar Trees, Shalimar Bagh is located 15 kms away from Srinagar.
  • Kashmir supplies one of the best apples. Apple Orchards are a common sight, so stroll inside one and grab a few and relish the oozing juice.
  • Originally built in 1398 and been destroyed and restored a lot of times since then, Jama Masjid is one of the oldest mosques of Srinagar. The present structure was built in 1674 with four spire towers, a prayer hall and 370 pillars which are made out of single
  • Spread across 141 and at altitude ranging from 5,000 to 14,000 feet above the sea level, Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as National park in 1951. It is home to rare Kashmir stag Hangul, black and brown bears and the most endangered red deer. The national park is divided into two sections, lower Dachingam and Upper Dachingam which is home to wide variety of flora and fauna. Tourists require a special permit through chief wildlife warden to enter the park, which is open from 0530 hours in morning to 1830 hours in the evening.
  • Nagin Lake is situated in the backdrop of Dal Lake separated by a narrow causeway. Nagin Lake is comparatively less populated and polluted lake, and is thus suitable for swim,ming and other water sports. The best time to visit this lake is from June to August.
  • Hazratbal Mosque, or also known as Dargah Sharif, is situated on the banks of Dal Lake. It is believed that this mosque houses the relic of heir of Prophet Mohammad. It has been built with the mixture of Mughal and kashmiri architecture.
  • Shankracharya Temple was constructed in 200 BC by Jaluka, son of Emperor Ashoka on the hills of Shankracharya, also known as the ‘Takht-e-Sulaiman’. Shankracharya Hills are located at 1,100 feet above the main city thus giving a full view of Pir Panjal Hill. The interiors of the temples are inscribed with Persian writings
  • Sri Pratap Singh Museum, established in 1898, is a historical monument of the kings of the princely state of Kashmir. The museum is famous for the collection of the rare terracotta heads of 3rd century and some 4th and 5th century moulded plaques from Ushkar and Harwan. It also houses one of the unique ancient brass model of Lokeshvara and green stone structure of Lord Vishnu. Apart from these, the museum also has some of the very old artefacts and Ladakhi handicraft products.
  • Situated 15 kms from Srinagar en route to Dachingam Wildlife Sanctuary, Harwan Gardens are best known as the starting point of the famous Mahadev Mountain trek. It is one of the largest picnic spots and is known for natural beauty
  • Pampur, 13 km from Srinagar is famous for its Saffron fields. Only purple flowers appear just above ground and are a beautiful sight. Seeing & smelling on moonlight is an awesome experience which the emperors would crave for. The blooming time of this flower is autumn.Pampur, 13 km from Srinagar is famous for its Saffron fields. Only purple flowers appear just above ground and are a beautiful sight. Seeing & smelling on moonlight is an awesome experience which the emperors would crave for. The blooming time of this flower is autumn.
  • Kashmir’s highest and gigantic (volume of water that comes down is awesome) waterfall, Aharbal is 65 km from Srinagar is a sight to behold. Tourists are advised not to go very close as the terrain is slippery and waterfall has a great pull. 50 m away the stream is famous for Trout fishing.
  • Situated towards the west of the Dal Lake, Hari Parbat Fort was built in 18th century by an Afghan Governor, Atta Muhammad Khan which was walled later in 1590 by Mughal Emperor, Akhbar. Today the site stands under the Archaeological department of Jammu & Kashmir and tourists need special permission from this department to visit this site.
  • Chinar Bagh is constructed by Tourism Department in order to promote Kashmiri culture and tradition. Chinar bagh, or better known as Chinar Heritage Park, has three islands having musical fountains, kiosks, swings, and an open air theatre for hosting cultural events and festivals.
  • Built in the memory of Saint Madin Sahib and located at the north of Madin Sahib Mosque, the Tomb of Madin Sahib is famous for its 15th century Kashmiri architectural style
  • Located to the south of Hari Parbat Hill, Makhdum Sahib Shrine is a double storey mosque built in the name of Sufi Saint Makhdum Sahib. It is constructed as per the archaeological values and ancient culture of Mughals

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