Places to Visit in Ukhrul Manipur

  • Engulfed by the Sanlok River in the west, Myanmar in the East, Kachouphung in North and Chatric in the South, Ango Ching is a forest area spread over 150 It is one of the few virgin forests that have not been disturbed by the human activities because of the difficult terrain that this area has. However, it is a very beautiful place to explore flora and fauna in its purest form.
  • Shirui is a village situated about 15 kms from Ukhrul and is famous for the Shirui flower grown on the hills of this village. These flowers grow only on the Shirui peak and thus are one of its own kinds and can be seen between May and July.
  • Also known as the Khangkhui Mangsor Cave, this cave is built of limestone. Archaeologists have found many ancient artefacts dating back to the Palaeolithic culture. The cave is about 11 kms from the Ukhrul City and has a huge hall inside which is referred to as the Durbar Hall.
  • Spread over an area of 9 kms, Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake, also known as the Kachouphung Lake, is a good picnc spot near the Ukhrul district. The source to the lake, situated at the Achuwa Magi Hills, is Nily River which often gets flooded during the rainy season. One can enjoy fishing in this lake for it has many different species of fishes.
  • Situated at 18 kms from the main city and about 3000 meters high, Shirui Kashung Peak is the hill on which Shirui flowers grow. Most of the rivers that flow through Manipur originate from this peak. It is also an interesting place for one can find very rare birds, Blyth's tragopan and Mrs. Hume's bar-backed pheasant, nesting around this peak

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