Places to Visit in Zanskar Jammu and Kashmir

  • Padum was the capital of the ancient Zanskar and is one of the major trekking bases in India. Located at an elevation of 3,505 meters above sea level, Padum Valley has a 10th century built Starrimo Monastery located nearby
  • Popularly known as Tsarap Chu among the natives of Himalayas, Zanskar River is one of the largest tributaries of Indus River. Originating from the north of Himalayan range and surrounded by glaciers, Zanskar Valley is U-shaped. Zanskar River joins river Padam and Doda River near the Padum Valley. Around Zanskar River, tourists can also enjoy trekking through the Zanskar Valley
  • Karsha is a small village located near Zanskar and is famous for the Karsha Monastery, one of the largest monasteries of the region. Karsha Monastery was founded by Phaga Shesrab in 10th century and is home to more than 100 monks from across the country. Apart from this monastery, the village also has a local temple and an old nunnery that are also tourist attractions.
  • An oblique expanded plateau surrounded by hills, pastures and glaciers, Rangdum is a beautiful destination and a perfect destination as a base camp for trekking. It lies in the midst of Kargil and Padum Valley and can be reached by hiring cars, jeeps, etc
  • Stongde, or Stongdey, is a town in Ladakh region under Kargil District at an elevation of 3500 meters. The prime attraction of this place is Stongde Monastery built by Lama Lhodak Marpa Choski Lodos in 1052, housing 60 monks. Monastery also houses several temples; of which Gon Khang , the temple of guardian, is of prime importance.
  • Drang-Drung Glacier is one of the largest glaciers of the region, located on the Panzilla Watershed (4,401 meters) across the Suru Valley. It is surrounded by snow-covered peaks, two small alpine lakes and offers views to Himalayas and Kargil.
  • Suru River is a small tributary of the Shrigar River originating from the North of the Himalayas formed by the snowy wastes of snow-covered mountains peaks. Near Suru River is Suru Valley where tourists can enjoy picnicking; however the valley is covered with snow in winters.
  • The border of Suru Valley, Panikhar is famous for the ruined fort that was constructed by Zorawar Singh and his forces in 1832. It is believed that his fort was built by Zorawar Singh when he was on he entered Ladakh from Suru Pass in aim of conquering Tibet
  • Phuktal meaning ‘through cave’ is constructed in shape of a beehive. Constructed in 11th century, this Gompa is a popular tourist attraction for its meditation room and huge prayer hall.
  • Baralacha Pass is a famous 8 km stretch known for biking activities. It is located at an elevation of 16,400 feet above the sea level on the Manali-Leh Road.
  • Pipiting Village located in the city of Zanskar is famous for stupa and several ancient temples. Sani monastery, one of the oldest religious sites constructed by Emperor Kanishka is also a tourist attraction of this place.
  • A tributary of Zanskar River, Khurana River drains into the Indus River flowing near Ladakh. The upper valley from where Zanskar flows is believed to be U-shaped and witness seasonal and permanent waterfalls over it.
  • Located at an altitude of 4,200 meters, Penezalla Pass separates Zanskar from Suru Valley. It is an ideal camping ground for trekkers and a beautiful destination with two greenish springs. It is also famous for the medicinal plants that grow on this land. Tourists can very commonly see Marmots and brown bars during the months of May to September when the pass is open.
  • This is the ‘must-visit’ spot in Zanskar. Sun-rising and setting in the midst of snow-covered mountain peaks is not a picture anyone would want to miss. Famous for its sun-rise and sun-set views, Shagma Karpu is one of the prime tourist attractions of Zanskar.
  • Zongkul is a cave monastery, popularly known as the place where yogis meditate. Apart from the Zongkhul festival organised in this monastery, this monastery is also a tourist attraction due to the rare collection of artefacts, crystal Stupa and Samvara images. The walls of the cave are carved with ancient frescos.

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